Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Kimono Love...


Well, I had intended my first post to probably be about make up or nail polish, but that didn't happen!

This morning I was on Youtube and came across this video by LaurDIY.
Kimono's are my favourite thing at the moment! I have two from New Look and I literally never take them off, so I was super excited by this video. I grabbed a scarf and went to work straight away!

This took maybe an hour to make. Would be even less with a sewing machine, but unfortunately mine is back in Yorkshire at my parents. The hardest part was making the armhole gap the right size! At first they ended up hugee and looked ridiculous, so I had to sew them up a bit more.

I can see myself wearing this until it falls apart... Will definitely be making a few more of these in some beautiful fabrics.

Emily-Ann xx

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