Thursday, 9 April 2015

Primark Sunkissed Eye Palette

I picked up this 'Sunkissed Eye Palette & Bronzer' in Primark a few days ago for a bargain £3.

I am always wary of Primark make-up, but it is only eyeshadow and the colours are the sort I like to wear so I thought why not try it!
This palette consists of various shades of browns and pinks as well as a bronzer.

I swatched the colours onto my arm (L-R, top row first, then bottom row). My first impression was how difficult it was to open! The latch on this palette is really tricky and I snapped a nail just trying to get into it! The colours seemed nice and reasonably pigmented, but all very similar. Except the white. The white didn't show up at all on my arm, despite several layers.
Also, I would recommend using your own brush. The one included was very flimsy!

So then I tried them out on my eyes.
On my left eye I used the four colours to the left of the palette. These were the pinkier shades. I really like these colours together, they created a nice everyday look. I then finished with brown eyeliner (Me me me in Clay) and Revlon Lash Fantasy Mascara.

On my right eye I used the browner shades. I expected these to create a darker, more night-time, going out eye. I'm not sure they did. The darker shades are definitely not as pigmented as I had hoped but still they work reasonably well for a subtle, everyday make up look. I finished this eye with Sleek Black Kohl eyeliner and Essence Lash Princess Mascara.

Overall, this is not a bad palette for £3, but not amazing either. I guess you get what you pay for. It does the job but I wouldn't buy it again.

Emily-Ann xx

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